Photo Essay: From Turtle Island to Palestine

From Turtle Island to Palestine: Occupation is a Crime is a photo essay project inspired by the international protests on May 15th, 2011, the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba, (Arabic for catastrophe). It is a date to commemorate the violent displacement of Palestinian people to make way for the new Israeli state. The goal of the project is to create an international message of solidarity with the Palestinian people that continue to rally and resist Israeli occupation. In every photograph the Palestinian flag is being held up in front of landmarks or popular spots in Toronto, demonstrating the support for Palestinian people that exists in the city.

View the full photo essay here.

Award: An Ismaili Identity

An Ismaili Identity merited an Honourable Mention and was published in the book “Ismailis: A Celebration of Diversity”.

I wear this necklace very often. It symbolizes the diversity of Ismailis around the world. Like the multifaceted quartz crystal on the left, Ismailis are like one unit with many faces. Our commonality in religion is represented in the Allah pendant, while our cultural and geographic differences can be represented in the Africa pendant, a symbol of my own family’s unique cultural heritage.