Period Positivity

As a guest on the show The Jungle I spoke about Period Positivity and the way we think about menstruation. Tune to 1:05:00 to hear that segment.

Series: USW Local 9176 Strike at Crown Holdings

Robert DiPippo and Cheryl Dollimore, Local 9176 Members May 1, 2014

For May Day Specialized Programming on CHRY 105.5FM, I spoke with United Steelworkers Local 9176 members Robert DePippo and Cheryl Dollimore about the ongoing strike at Crown Holdings which had begun the previous September.

Steve McHugh, Local 9176 Member May 8, 2014

I spoke with Steve McHugh about his recent trip to Turkey to conduct solidarity work with other Crown Holdings employees.

Lawrence Hay, Staff Representative September 11, 2014

I caught up with Local 9176 Staff Representative Lawrence Hay about the now year-long strike at Crown Holdings.

Joe Drexler, Head of Strategic Campaigns January 6, 2015

I spoke with Joe Drexler about the launch of the Bottles Not Cans Campaign to raise awareness and gain solidarity for the ongoing strike, now over one year.

Immigration Watch Canada at York University

September 1, 2014

Anti-immigration flyers went up on York University’s Keele campus, leading to the formation of Racism Watch York, a collective of racialized students seeking sanctions from the University Administration against the organization responsible for the flyers. Featuring Ommé-Salma Rehemtullah. Headline produced for the September 1st, 2014 edition of GroundWire, the NCRA’s national community radio new program.

Enbridge pipeline approval

April 8, 2014

Gerry Dunn is a facilitator with the Stop Line 9 campaign and spoke to me about the approval of the Enbridge pipeline plan.