NDP Ottawa-Centre hopeful Angella MacEwen and her team are organizing and engaging constituents for electoral success, but also for the long haul.

Angella MacEwen’s campaign office sits in a former yoga studio on a quiet street in Hintonburg, an historically working-class neighbourhood west of downtown Ottawa. 

A door splashed with orange signage with the NDP candidate’s name sits under the surviving awning promising wellness and meditation. Walking in, I’m greeted by the ringing of a string of bells on the door and a chorus of hellos from organizers seated behind tables, welcoming me in.

One of them is Samiha Rayeda, MacEwen’s campaign manager, who tells me that “we’re all here because we’re so inspired by how incredibly smart Angela is.”

MacEwen, a senior economist with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), “can actually back up ideas with the financial chops,” Rayeda says.

What makes the self-described feminist economist such an important candidate is that MacEwen’s ideas go beyond taxing the rich and other progressive policies. She wants to shift the structure of our economy to better serve working people.

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